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ISSSEEM International Research Division of HU

In July of 2013, Holos University Graduate Seminary (HU) and the International Society for Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), entered into a new and exciting synergistic agreement that maximizes the strengths of both organizations.  The foundation of this agreement is the compatibility of the missions served by both organizations including the graduate research focus of HU and the unique 25-year ISSSEEM legacy as a premier international subtle energy research organization.
ISSSEEM now operates within the corporate structure of Holos University as HU’s International Research Division.  The goals of this new and expanded structure are to:

  • Expand the visibility and audience of both ISSSEEM and Holos University Graduate Seminary;
  • Preserve the open source access to the Subtle Energy, Energy Medicine(SEEM) Journals and the Bridges Magazine  publications;
  • Provide an opportunity for on-going electronic publications of SEEM Journals;
  • Provide an opportunity for on-going electronic publications of Bridges magazine articles;
  • Create an opportunity for annual meaningful and affordable ISSSEEM conferences, begining in June of 2014 see ISSSEEM CONFERENCE;
  • Provide on-going research and publishing support for graduate students and professionals, both at HU and elsewhere; and
  • Continue to support networking of ISSSEEM and HU supporters.

Drs. Ann and Bob Nunley have a long history with ISSSEEM.  Both served on the Corporate Board of ISSSEEM for many years, and also served as Program Chairs for the ISSSEEM Conference.  They were Co-Presidents for one year.  As you explore the ISSSEEM archives you will find artwork for the Journal covers contributed by Dr. Ann Nunley and the presidential addresses of both Bob and Ann.  There is an entire SEEM Journal dedicated to extended research abstracts of HU graduates (Vol 16, No 2).  But more importantly, you will be able to search the Journals for aspects of research that reflect your personal research interests.  Dr. Scott Anderson has very generously, through the Yoga Foundation, made these Journals and the exciting Bridges Magazine. available electronically on the ISSSEEM website. This is a real gift to all who share our passion for and interest in subtle energy, energy healing, and spirituality.  We envision that HU graduate students may choose to submit articles for possible publication in Bridges. ISSSEEM has for 25 years represented, through its conferences and publications, the future of subtle energy, energy medicine and spirituality.  HU has represented for more than twelve years this same future through its educational program.  This collaborative development represents an exciting way for moving forward into a bright future.  Holos will maintain the ISSSEEM website and archives.  

We invite you to visit the ISSSEEM website and explore the articles in Bridges Magazine and the incredible archive of refereed scientific journals available.  

For more information visit the  ISSSEEM website: www.issseem.org