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Begin an educational adventure through Holos University. Fall Residencies held at Unity Village.

H.O.W Cafe

Join faculty and students at the HOW Cafe for lively discussions on topics of interest.

A small-group phone consultation 
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Earn Your Doctorate Degree in Holistic Health at Holos University


Welcome to our website for Holos University, a holistic health institution that is built on the idealistic mission of educating a large base of scholars from around the nation, on subjects related to medical intuition and energy medicine, through a variety of self-development methods and interactive distance learning.  We have spent over a decade generating innovative holistic research to help substantiate knowledge about the comprehensive benefits of spiritually oriented holistic health.

Our holistic university uses integrative healthcare studies to establish a defining theme throughout our educational courses. We strive to properly educate our student in areas such as theological and spiritual understandings, cultural sensitivity, and personal integration.  Holos University offers a range of courses so that scholars can pursue interests in many areas of holistic health and energy medicine.  We offer numerous educational paths to pursue, such as obtaining a graduate degree with a special emphasis in spiritual psychology or spiritual direction.

Learn more about Holos University and our holistic graduate degrees.


Energy Medicine and Holistic Health

Our staff at HU is devoted to holistic health and the spirituality that is an important component in this field.  Our faculty’s desire to teach the benefits and inner workings of spiritual studies and how they benefit our health and understanding of ourselves can truly be felt through their teaching approaches. 

Generally, energy medicine and holistic health encompass a wide range of integrative and subtle energy approaches to healing.  All of the courses in the curriculum at Holos University involve recognition of subtle energy and energy medicine as well as the integration of body, mind, and spirit.

At Holos University, you can earn a Master's, Doctorate, or Post-Doctorate degree in one of our holistic graduate degree programs.  We offer special emphasis tracks in Medical Intuition as well as Counseling Intuition, Spiritual Direction, Transformational Psychology, and Integrative Holistic Health.  All of our programs emphasize integrative healthcare studies and healing through self-development, scholarly exploration and research, and compassionate service.  Our graduates are prepared to serve as consultants, teachers, and practitioners in these fields.

Holos University is wholly dedicated to educating those who are eager to learn more about holistic health while choosing and pursuing their own chosen spiritual path.  Call Holos University today and learn more about admissions for holistic graduate degree programs